Post Holiday Binge – 7 days, 10Ibs EEK!

As you know from my blog, I have been trying to transform my body by losing fat and building muscle. I had completed 12 weeks training with UP Performance, after signing up to their 6-week Transformation group training programme for 2 consecutive courses. I initially lost 10IBs on the first course due to the low carb diet they recommend. However I started putting the weight back on gradually and didn’t lose any weight during the 2nd 6-week programme.

As soon as I finished the training, I went on holiday for 1 week for a friends wedding at an All Inclusive Resort. The All Inclusive was TOO good! It was an expensive holiday and consequently the All inclusive was exceptional with really good quality tasty food at most meals and branded spirits and cocktails included. I didn’t do any exercise for the 7 days I was there and I suddenly went from rarely drinking to drinking every night and some afternoons as I was with a large group from the wedding party. In addition I suddenly changed my diet….so what did I eat!

Breakfast: I had bowl of cereal such as muesli, followed by some mini-croissants with Nuttela and coffee every morning. I avoided fruit juices and cooked breakfast and bread for the full seven days.

Lunch & Dinner: It was All Inclusive with an expansive array of different dishes every lunch and Dinner time. I would have a little bit of everything, with a bit of salad (though not enough salad or greens). I would also have the odd slice of pizza etc. My guilty pleasure was eating dessert every dinner time and possibly 3 lunch times.

Drinks: I did sample quite a few cocktails and probably had one too many Pina Coladas which contained blended ice-cream and probably other high calories content! I also like sweet spirits such as Malibu, Kaluha and Tia Maria. So I certainly think the drinking played a big part in the weight gain especially as I rarely drink at home. However I do think I was one of the ‘lightest drinkers’ as I certainly didn’t sit around the pool all day gulping pints of beer at 11am in the morning. I had 1-2 alcoholic drinks late afternoon and then drank mainly in the evenings. I never once had a hangover….and I am a typical lightweight who suffers from bad hangovers! So I wouldn’t say I was a typical Brit abroad who ‘got their moneys worth’.

The RESULT was that I came back and I have put at least 10Ibs or more on. My weight had started to creep up before I went on holiday, but now its the heaviest I’ve been for 15 years!!!! I weighed more than before I started on this so called ‘transformation journey’! How in 1 week??? I am so disgusted with myself and so shocked that it took me 12 weeks to lose 10IBs and only 1 week to gain 10IBs. I am now 17Ibs heavier than at my lowest on this journey, as I put around 7Ibs back on before my holiday and this combined with the 10Ibs I put on during the holiday means I am now over 1 stone heavier, making me the heaviest I’ve been for 15 years! The fitness industry warn about these ‘quick fix’ weight loss journeys, where they are unsustainable and you end up fatter than you were before. Well i am certainly fatter than before I went to UP Performance and I would 100% agree there zero carbohydrate diet is unsustainable long-term. They should reevaluate their clients diet after 6 weeks, instead of just letting them plod along.

So its back to square one! Literally. The only saving grace is I still have the muscle I’ve built over the last 12 weeks, but now its covered in a massive layer of fat making me look super bulky! I go on holiday again in 13 weeks time and my goal is the same as before  – so here goes TAKE 2! This time I have to succeed. My next holiday is my annual 2 week holiday where I will be snorkeling and possibly diving, so I know I am unlikely to pile the weight back on due to the more active-nature of the holiday. I think I can safely say that All Inclusive inactive group holidays where you sit around drinking don’t suit me!

13 week count down begins – so wish me luck!


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