Protein bars (UK) Best & Worst

After commencing a high-protein, Low-Carb diet I have really missed my regular sweet treats such as chocolate, cookies and croissants – oooh the 3 ‘C’s 😀    So I have taken up the not so healthy habit of trying different protein bars!

I have tried a whole range of them such as CNP, Quest, USN, Grenade, PhD, Reflex and others – I now wish I had taken notes, rather than trying to remember what they tasted like! However what I do know is my best and worst – the majority of other bars just fall within that mediocre category. Most protein bars are very dense and chewy – which I don’t tend to mind, however some are too stodgy and don’t have a great flavour.

My 1st best has to be USN Delite – Toffee-Almond! It tastes like a lion bar or other chocolate bar. The flavour is great and the texture is fantastic. This bar gets 9.5 out of 10 for me. I’m saving that half of mark in case I find something even better! The only downside is it seems quite small for the calories compared to a MusclePharm Combat bar or a Grenade bar with similar calories.

Nutrition: Calories 216, Protein 15.6g, Carbs 19.3g (5.7g sugar, 6.7g polyols), Fats 8.3g, Fibre 1.1g.


My 2nd best is MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bar in Cinnamon Twist and White Chocolate Raspberry. I love both these flavours and the texture and density – in fact I probably wouldn’t change anything about these bars. They feel bigger and more substantial than the USN Delite bars. I have ordered another flavour and will update once I’ve tried them!

Nutrition (Cinnamon Twist): Calories 210, Protein 20g, Carbs 25g (5g sugar, 1g polyols), Fats 7g, Fibre 12g.


My 3rd best has to be Grenade Carb Killa – Dark Choc Mint. I love the flavour of this bar – its like a mint aero! I also like the texture. I have bought other flavours from this Grenade Carb-Killa range which I am currently working my way through. But so far the choc-mint is my favourite, probably followed by the White Chocolate Cookie.

Nutrition: Calories 214, Protein 22.1g, Carbs 13.6g (0.6g sugar, 12.1g polyols), Fats 8.5g, Fibre 7.0g.


Right, and what about the WOSRT!  Protein bars are not cheap – you can easily pay £2.50+ so no one wants to waste their money on awful tasting bars which you can’t even finish!

Now for the Worst!

By far the worst is the PhD Synergy-Iso-7 all-in-one bar – which surprised me as I love their Diet Whey protein shakes plus I have tried their diet whey bars which are alright-ish, so I was shocked they could produce such a vile tasting bar! I thought I would like the PhD Synergy-Iso-7 all-in-one bar Mint Chocolate bar as I love Chocolate and I love Mint chocolate and the Mint chocolate bar from Grenade Carb-killa is one of my favourite bars, so I thought this bar from PhD would be a winner….sadly not 😦

The texture was a typical stodgy protein-consistency which I don’t have a massive problem with, however the flavour was disgusting and I had to bin the bar after eating less than a third. It starts off pleasant for the first few chews, you taste the mint and the chocolate and then….the taste is indescribable, it has a disgusting after taste. Despite all the protein bars I have tried, none have ever tasted like this? I even made my husband try it – his reaction was identical to mine, he tasted the mint, then the chocolate and then the horrific after taste and he too couldn’t finish the bar.

Nutrition 70g: Calories 256, Protein 28g, Carbs 23 (11.8g sugar), Fats 6g, Fibre 3.9g.


Since writing this post I have found another equally awful proten bar that I had to throw in the bin – the‘Oh Yeah – Low Carb Bar – Mint Chocolate Chip’. The Oh Yeah bars are American and I can only think that these bars are popular because the American market have an acquired taste for chocolate brands such as Hersheys which I personally think it tastes like sick with an awful after taste, and this is what this Oh Yeah bar reminded me of. It was similar to the PhD Synergy Iso-7 Chocolate Mint Bar. Again the texture was a typical stodgy protein-consistency. The favour startes off OK for the first few chews and then this awful sick taste hits you. I don’t think I will be trying any more Oh Yeah bars, I think they must be an aquired taste! In the meantime if you are looking for a good Mint Chocolate Protein bar – go for the Grenade one above which is gorgeous!

All Oh Yeah bars are between 210-230 calories; Protein 22g; Carbohydrates 23-24g; Fat, 7-9 g: Fibre: 9-10 g.


Well my quest to try new bars continues! and I will update with more thoughts soon.

Do you have a favourite and a worst protein bar?


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