Very Low Carb – High Protein Diet

As part of my new body transformation journey, I have started a Low-Carb diet, consisting of 10% Carbs, 40% Protein, 50% Fat.

When you sign up to the semi-private group training at UP Performance they give you a really simple meal plan with those percentages (10% Carbs, 40% Protein, 50% Fat). The meal plan is a pretty dissapointing as it only has 3 ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and other meals, which you need to follow for at least 6 weeks. As you can imagine you don’t want to eat the same 3 meals for months.

So in addition to the basic 1 page meal plan, I’ve also been doing loads of reading and looking for recipe ideas, however the problem I’ve found is that there are tonnes of ‘low-carb meals’ or ‘paleo meals’, however the carb content isn’t low enough. So a lot of these recipes contains sweet potatos, rice, flours, etc, but I can’t have these yet due to the high carb content.

So most of my meals involves either eggs, fish or meat with loads of green veg or salad. No fruit, no sugar or dairy etc. It’s pretty strict and I have found it really difficult at times, especially as my typical breakfast used to consist of Carbs and more Carbs in the form of cereal or pastries. Now I am having to eat hot food in the form or eggs, fish or meat :/ On the positive side this style of breakfast is much more filling and does keep my hunger levels and cravings at bay.

I have significantly reduced my tea and coffee intake and usually have a Pukka Three Cinnamon Tea (only 2 Kcal, no Carbs) for a hot sweet pick-me-up. Alternatively, if I really want a cup of tea, I use Stevia sweetner with Alpro Soya Wholebean milk as this contains a lot less carbohydrates than normal milk. Plus the type of protein in normal milk can cause insulin spikes – which you want to avoid. The other alternative is to use cream, as this contains far less carbs than normal dairy milk. I have used 5ml of double cream in my coffee a few times which I like.

I looked at a few different milk alternatives such as coconut milk, Almond Milk and Soya milk. The soya wholebean seems to offer the highest ratio of protein and the smallest amount of carbs – see table.


I am aiming to drink 3 litres of water a day, and have given up my beloved Ribena light and diet coke – in fact I have given up all drinks apart from Water!

I do add lemon and a teaspoon of cinnamon to my water – especially first thing in the morning, which is nice an refreshing. However the cinnamon you get in the supermarkets is pretty bland, they tend to use Chinese Cinnamon also known as Cassia Cinnamon. I bought 2 alternative types of cinnamon on the internet:

  • Vietnamese – Saigon Cinnamon
  • Indian – Ceylon Cinnamon

Both are much nicer than the normal supermarket cinnamon, however the Vietnamese Saigon cinnamon is gorgeous – its so sweet! It has that ‘fireball sweet’ taste – did you ever eat fireball as a kid? I would recommend this cinnamon if you’re looking for something sweet 🙂   Also if you buy online you can pick up 1kg bags which will last you much longer than those little jars you get in ther supermarket.


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