CrossFit – First Timer – EEK!

So less than a week after deciding to transform my body – I decided to try CrossFit! I had vaguely heard the term banded around and had some vague notions about what it involved. However, when I watched some online videos it looked more hard-core than I had anticipated, it was very warehouse based with no machines – like some hyped up circuit training. This made me more intrigued and more scared! It looked perfect for building muscle – which is one of my aims, based on the fact that more muscle with increase my metabolism and carry on burning energy after exercise. However I worried that I would struggle.

So I did a google search for classes near work in Manchester city centre and searched for classes near home. I could only find 2 places that let you pay-as-you-go and I liked the one nearer to home – ‘CrossFit Northern Soul’ in Failsworth. Its not on my direct route home from work, but its easier enough to make a slight detour.

So I filled in the online form asking for a free trial class at the one of the 6pm sessions and one of the owners (Sara) got back to me the same day and was so lovely and encouraging and gave perfect directions for the following day.

When the following day came, I was tempted to cancel as I’d done a weights session the previous night and was a bit tired. However, I felt guilty as Sara had been so lovely and didn’t want the embarrassment of rescheduling…so I went after work.

Sara showed me around the facilities and explained how CrossFit worked with the Workout of the Day (WOD) and the session itself and carried on coaching and guiding me throughout the group session. Everyone else there was also so supportive and encouraging – it felt like a really supportive group environment and they all seemed like genuine friends. Its something I haven’t really experienced before – maybe a bit in running club (up North only – Not London! :P). I managed to complete all the exercises in the allocated time, but obviously I was lifting less, or doing easier modifications of certain moves.

In summary I LOVED it -everything about it. Sara the coach was FANTASTIC! So supportive and so much time to give. The other girls and lads were friendly and supportive. I also felt I had done a proper workout – and I had as the next day I am sore! We did handstands as the WOD and my shoulders are sore!

Unfortunately I can only attend once a week at the moment as I am already booked into weight training with UP Performance – but I am looking forward to my Northern Soul CrossFit session next week. See their website details here:






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