UP Performance – to the rescue!

After realising I was incredibly unhappy with my body (mostly unclothed), I decided to sign up to ‘UP Performance’ in Manchester – they are a personal training gym mainly based in London City and Mayfair and Manchester, with additional worldwide sites in places like Marbella and Hong Kong. I knew I needed something radical for me, I knew I wouldn’t be able to motivate myself to go to the gym before work or after work, and I also felt “it just wouldn’t work” I had already tried eating healthily for 2 weeks prior and upping my exercise with no real benefit. I had previously seen the UP Performance website months earlier when it had just opened and contacted them for information in September 2015 for more information. They got back to me quickly but I wasn’t sure.

Since then I have put on more weight – 1 stone (6+kg) in 1 year and I have realised just how unhappy I am – especially in a bikini. I therefore made the brave decision to go and look at the facilities and I signed up. This is despite the fact the gym is in the opposite direction to my home, not the cheapest option and I may have to work away in the UK/Europe at any moment in time due to my job, I still wasn’t fazed. I feel this is my only option and my last option to lose weight and tone up.

In the past when I have gone to the gym, I have just done mundane Cardio and used the odd few weight machines of ‘my choosing’ i.e. the ones I feel comfortable with. I always been too scared and self-conscious as a girl to wonder directly into the weights section when its full of men so I’ve always ended up doing the same boring routines. I have little coordination and have never been interested in aerobic classes or zuma etc. Equally I’ve never fancied Yoga or Pilates etc, so I’ve never really found an exercise I can do before or after work that I love and works.

When I researched UP Performance, I liked the fact it involves instruction, i.e. I couldn’t pick and choose which exercises I wanted to do, or give up after a few reps or pick an easy weight as there would be an instructor telling me what to do and guiding me. I had read a lot about weight training and the fact that the more muscle you have – the higher your metabolism as the muscle uses more energy. I had always struggled to lose weight even on a very low calorie diet and thought building muscle sounded perfect for me. I also liked the fact that UP Performance give you a 6-week meal plan, again if I was to try and follow my own diet, I would inevitably have a cheat after 2 weeks, especially if the scales didn’t budge and would give up in despair. UP Performance prescribe a Low-Carb Diet and from what I have read it is the best way to lose weight, reduce hunger and sugar cravings – Perfect. This sounded exactly what I needed – someone telling me what to eat and what exercises to do – I knew I couldn’t do it alone this time.

UP Performance offer 2 choices. Firstly you can have fully private one-to-one personal training, where your instructor gets to know you and increases your weights and tweaks your diet and plan. This is quite costly especially as you need 3-4 sessions per week. The second option is Semi-Private group training with a maximum of 2-6 people per class. Your instructor helps with starting weights etc, but as you progress you have to remember your weights and drive yourself to increase the weight to challenge your body, also the food plan isn’t tweaked in any way for you. This second option is very reasonable value and this is the option I have signed up to for 6 weeks.

I had my 1st session at UP Performance last night and it was great – I really enjoyed it. I was lucky as I was the only one in the class, so ended up have a private one-to-one session, which was good as I wasn’t familiar with the machines, so it gave me the opportunity to settle in gently. The session was hard, but its only 45 mins and goes so quickly. From everything I’ve read – weight loss is 80-90% diet and the rest is exercise. I get the impression that the goals for the first 6 weeks for the majority of people on the semi-private training aka the ‘average Joe’ the 6 weeks are primarily about weight loss.

So far so good – wish me luck!



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