Last chance saloon – Body transformation

I am 36 and a typical Slim-fat person (I can’t bear to use the term skinny-fat!). You know the type where you go on a diet because you know you have lots of pockets of excess fat underneath your clothes but everyone declares “you don’t need to diet – you look great” –  or “You have a great figure”.

For years I have tried different diets for a few weeks at a time and managed to lose 10 Ibs here and there in order to get back down to my ‘comfortable maintenance weight’ and this has always worked for me. However I’ve never been 100% happy with my body, I have bingo wings, pockets of fat on the inside of my knees and thighs – so I don’t like wearing very short dresses etc. I also carry the majority of fat around my hips and thighs. People don’t notice though as I am blessed with a slim waist which really goes in and I’m lucky that I don’t carry any weight around my face. So people assume I don’t need to lose weight.

I have recently put on 1 stone (~6.5kg) in the last year due to comfort eating, lack of exercise and stress. None of my clothes fit and I have 2 imminent holidays coming up and I look disgusting naked or in a bikini (despite friends saying I have a great figure)! My other half always compliments me and he thinks I look great, but somethings changed….I can see crystal clearly that enough is enough, I am flabby and out of shape – simple – and something HAS to change this time. Losing 10Ibs is not enough this time, I need a complete overall! Yes the short-term goal is to get ‘bikini ready’, but this journey is much more than that – I feel compelled to change once and for all.

Maybe its the lack of exercise over the last 3 years? As I used to run, but stopped due to a serious knee injury? I’ve never found any other exercise I particular liked – I hate the gym? Or maybe as I’ve got older I’ve lost more tone and gained more body fat? Or maybe I’ve just got to the point where I’ve realised I don’t feel happy in my body when semi-naked and I finally feel enough is enough and I need to lose weight and tone up once and for all?

I think the other big driving factor is that 2 weeks ago, I tried eating healthily by cutting out the usual treats, such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate, crips, pizza etc and started running/jogging for the first time in years. I actually did around 5-6 runs in those 2 weeks, but I only lost 1 measly pound – I was gutted! Why was weight loss becoming Sooooo difficult as I got older! To make things even more unbearable, after the 2 weeks I went to my friends house and had a Tesco 2 -course meal deal with wine and found I had put 3Ibs on – INSANE! I was so furious that I had been eating healthily for 2 weeks and gone from no exercise to running 3 times a week, and after one weekend of eating normally I put 3Ibs on! I was so outraged – especially as these 3 Ibs weren’t temporay weight gain, they have stayed good and proper.

I feel like I have genuinely killed my metabolism! Too many starvation diets, too many fasting diets doing the 5:2 where you only eat 500 KCal of milshakes for 2 days of the week, too many skipped meals to make up for that guilt chcolate bar etc. I have got to the point where I feel I have lost that ability to lose 10 Ibs here and there by myself. I feel I don’t know what else to do? I have upped my exercise, reduced my calories, and my weight won’t budge. Its time for a radical change. This time losing 10Ibs won’t cut it! This time I want to lose around 2 stone, tone up and more importantly cut my body fat percentage from just under 30% to low 20’s. I want to do this once and for all and maintain the lifestyle for life – I’ve had enough of being unhappy in my body and my clothes not fitting – today is the day I will change my life forever.



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